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  [DI-HR-U-02] Handlebar Raiser
Price : $ 99.00
  [DI-HRB-U-02] Handlebar Raiser
Price : $ 99.00
  [DI-LS-138-36] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 138mm*36mm
Price : $ 2.00

  [DI-LS-138-36-HP] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 138mm*36mm
Price : $ 18.00
  [DI-LS-309-67] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 309mm*67mm
Price : $ 4.00
  [DI-LS-619-130] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 619mm*130mm
Price : $ 6.00

  [DI-LS-70-17] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 70mm*17mm
Price : $ 2.00
  [DI-LS-70-17-DD] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 70mm*17mm
Price : $ 2.00
  [DI-LS-70-33] Dimotiv Sticker
Dimotiv Sticker 70mm*33mm
Price : $ 2.00

"Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH. is a company founded by rider for riders. We are dedicated in protecting your bike, and in return save you from outrageous repairs.
German Designed, Taiwan Manufactured, Passion shared with the world."

Donvdimotiv, originated from GOCHEN CO. LTD, was established in 1990 by company founder Kuo Chen Ho. GOCHEN Co. Ltd began as motorcycle maintenance and repair garage. However, as the passion and interest of motorcycles grew with Mr. Ho, daring and persistent, He took on the challenge to create what is Donvdimotiv today. The motorcycle industry in Taiwan was never the same. As the passion inside him still rages, leading the Donvdimotiv group, Mr. Ho wants to share his passion with the world of motorcycling.


1991: Began selling preowned motorcycles with an inventory of one and later 10 and above.

1992: Hired the first employee and established the motorcycle repairs department.

1993: Due to the difficulty of sourcing oem parts for repairs in Taiwan, the company established its first international trades department, importing parts directly from Tokyo, Japan.

1994: Importing oem parts proven to be a success, the company started its wholesale department, responsible in providing and distributing oem parts to motorcycle shops and parts reseller nationwide.

1995: Frequent visits to Japan to purchase new motorcycles which is disassembled on location and shipped separately back to Taiwan to be reassembled and sold.

1996: The GOCHEN Brand was established when the wholesales market was at its peak. Partnerships formed with factories and began manufacturing brake pads, oil filters, air filters, turn signals, sprockets and other consumables for distribution.

1997: Started GOCHEN Motorcycles protective wears.

1998: To supply the increased demands for motorcycles, monthly direct imports from Japan were from 30 to 50 with annual sales ranging in the 500s and above. (Motorcycles (250cc and above) have not been approved by the Taiwan government at the time, all motorcycles were to be impounded and crushed if caught by officials.)

1999: The first Pro Motorcycles Showroom in Taichung, Taiwan and formed a club for hosting regular motorcycle events.

2000: Began Protective Wears Showroom and became authorized seller in Taiwan for well known Japanese brands including: Komine, RS-Taichi, Arai and Shoei, as well as Italian brands including: AXO and SPYKE.

2001: Formed a 3 floored (500m²) professional motorcycle service station focused on maintenance and repairs.

2002: Began importing Bayerische Motoren Werke AG motorcycles and Harley Davidson motorcycles, wears, accessories and oem parts for sale. Established the largest motorcycle showroom in Southeast Asia (2300m²) with its own service departments, protective wears department and formed the companyˇ¦s first professional sales team.

2003: Became BMW, Ducati and Kawasakiˇ¦s licensed and authorized dealership in Taiwan. Company also sold motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki and Harley Davidson. GOCHEN CO. LTD also became authorized distributor for the following:

Protective Wears:
Italy-Dainese, Axo, Spyke, Oxtar(TCS), Prexport, Momodesign
Germany- Schuberth, IXS
Japan-Komine, RS-Taichi

Modifying Parts and Accessories:
Italy-Polini, Adigo, Giannelli, Arrow, Leovince SBK, Termignoni, Rizoma
Japan-NGK, Yoshimura, Over Germany-MRA, Hepko & Becker, Krauser, ILMBerger
Luxembourg-Gilles Tooling
U.S-Chaparral Racing, Z Technik
Holland-Hyper Pro
UK- AP Racing

2004: Taipei Store established, licensed and authorized distributor for Ducati and Kawasaki motorcycles (Northern Taiwan). Company also sold motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki and Harley Davidson. The Taipei store also includes its own protective wears department, modify/accessories department and repair/maintenance department.

2005: Company established its first online store, WWW.GOCHEN.COM.TW, selling motorcycle parts and related gears. In the same year, Gochen has created X-MOTO and WGP protective wears for the wholesale distributions in Taiwan.

2006: Kaohsiung Stored established, licensed and authorized distributor for BMW and Triumph motorcycles (Southern Taiwan).

2007: DMV Brand established with its focus on consumable motorcycling parts included but not limited to: high flow air filter, clutch and brake lever, side mirrors, turn signals, oil filter, oil seal cover, sprocket, brake pads, chain etc.

2008: The formation of the DMV designs department; designing original motorcycle accessories, CNC parts and manufactured by contracted factories. DMV developed its own original parts lineup ranging from brake/clutch levers, protection guards and tools for all brands of motorcycles worldwide.

2009: Obtained packaging machines using DuPont® Sealant film technology, 3D Scanners and Printers for research and development purposes.

2010: Established Cad Cat design/manufacturing department. Introduced CNC technology to the company and purchased CNC automated milling machines for concept prototyping to finalize manufacturing. In the same year, DMV International sales department was formed and is responsible for introducing and selling DMV products to nearby countries in the Asia region.

2011: DMV officially changed its name to DiMOTiV due to its name coincide with the abbreviation of California Department of Motor Vehicles. The change of name also made online search results for DiMOTiV more precise and the trademark name was later registered worldwide.

2012: To improve the manufacturing efficiency, 4000m² of land was purchased in Taichung, Taiwan to construct 4 buildings, establishing our own production factory with office space, inventory warehouse and assembly line. Formed official DiMOTiV Departments:

1. Design, Research, Development Department (CAD)
2. Manufacturing Department (CAT) 5 CNC lathing machines and 12 CNC milling machines.
3. Assembly and Coating Department
4. Packaging and delivery Department
5. Administrative Departments
(International Sales Department)
(Authorized Distributor in Taiwan Department)
(Graphic Designs Department)
(Motorcycle Testing Department)
(Infotech. Department)
(Purchase and Marketing Department)

2013: Officially establish DiMOTiV® Brand in Stuttgart, Germany as the location for our head office with a showroom and an administrative department. Approved by GTAI Germany Trade & Invest, Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH is created. The company policy: German design, Taiwan manufactured, distributed to the world.

2014: DiMOTiVˇ¦s Production Centre located in Taichung, Taiwan officially approved by TÜV Rheinland AG and obtains our ISO 9001.2008 certificate. All products developed by DiMOTiV are utility and design patented. Following strict inspections and tests from TÜV, all safety and protection parts are quality assured by the certificate.

Dimotiv Products are distributed in: Germany, France, Poland, Greece, United Arab Emirates,
Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia,
India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa

Head Office/ Showroom (Stuttgart, Germany)

Dimotiv Dimotiv Dimotiv Dimotiv

Production Center (Taichung, Taiwan)

Dimotiv Dimotiv Dimotiv Dimotiv

NOTE: All product orders are sent to Dimotiv's Production Center in Taiwan to be custom manufactured or searched for in the stock inventory. The products are then packaged and ready for shipment/delivery. A minimum of 7 working days is required. We thank you for your patience.
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