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Pattern SR TM BK
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Pattern GD OE RD
Price USD  28 USD  28 USD  28
Pattern GN BE
Price USD  28 USD  28 USD 63.98


Universal series



6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy: Silicon 0.4~0.8%, Copper 0.15~0.4%, Magnesium 0.8~1.2%, Chromium 0.404~0.35%, Ultimate Tensile Strength 290 MPa 42000 psi, Bearing Yield Strength 241 MPa 35000 psi, while thickness is less than0.25" (6.4mm)Tensile Strength is 8% or more. While thickness is greater than 0.25" (6.4mm), Tensile Strength is 10%.



General Anodic Process: Processing with IPHONE, IPAD standard, corrosion resistant and 60 hours anti-UV endurance (testing under 100eV UV exposure for 60 hours before color start fading, whereas natural UV radiation is around 3~10eV).



Aluminum with T6 has better strength, hardness, flexibility and percentage prolongation than those of average 6061 ones. Our anodized color Handlebar Caps are with special transparent coating, which is even, with the feature of not losing color easily under any weather factors. It can absorb shock effectively which gives you a comfortable ride.
In addition, the lid part alone can be replaced if damaged, which can also save your budget.



DIMOTIV products are designed specifically for each model of motorcycle, these parts are essential accessories, whether in daily riding or on the track. These simple lines combine with perfect detailing, not only create an idea goes beyond the function, but also making a design statement and emphasizing aggressiveness and characater of your motorcycle. DIMOTIV products are made of Aluminium and Delrin which have high quality and better duration.

Price : $ 28.00
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