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[DI-GP07-120] Handlebar Grips    DMV > SUPER SPORT > SUZUKI > BURGMAN400(AN400)
Pattern BK TM SR
Price USD 26 USD 26 USD 26
Pattern RD GN OE
Price USD 26 USD 26 USD 26
Pattern GD BE
Price USD 26 USD 26 USD 23.98


Universal series for 120mm handlebar grips in length with 20mm inner diameter.



6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy: Silicon 0.4~0.8%, Copper 0.15~0.4%, Magnesium 0.8~1.2%, Chromium 0.404~0.35%, Ultimate Tensile Strength 290 MPa 42000 psi, Bearing Yield Strength 241 MPa 35000 psi, while thickness is less than0.25" (6.4mm)Tensile Strength is 8% or more. While thickness is greater than 0.25" (6.4mm), Tensile Strength is 10%.


Anodized color treatment: corrosion resistant and 60 hours anti-UV endurance (tested under 100eV UV exposure for 60 hours before color starts fading, whereas natural UV radiation is around 3~10eV).


1.   Applicable to all motorcycles with 20 mm inner diameter. 
2.   Design
ed with replaceable rubber sleeve to save your budget with additional rubber

      sleeves included in the box package. 
4.   Ergonomic design with anti-slip
function, 6000~10000km durability in average.
5.   Length
: 120 mm.

"Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH. is a company founded by rider for riders. We are dedicated in protecting your bike, and in return save you from outrageous repairs. German Designed, Taiwan Manufactured, Passion shared with the world." 

Price : $ 26.00
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