[DI-UB-01] Universal Bolt   
Pattern SR TM BK

Pattern GD OE RD

Pattern GN BE

USD 19.98

Application chart :
1. Universal bolt/slider fits all motorcycle models with M5/M6 screw holes. The spool is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy base with impact cover made from POM (Polyoxymethylene).

2. Anodized colour and clear coated for long lasting vibrance under all weather conditions.

3. The 6061 aluminum alloy has gone through T6 heat treatment, the strength and flexibility is increased and is higher than the average 6061 alloy.

4. Anodized M5/M6 bolts are included.

"Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH. is a company founded by rider for riders. We are dedicated in protecting your bike, and in return save you from outrageous repairs. 
German Designed, Taiwan Manufactured, Passion shared with the world."
Price : $ 40.00