[DI-22H91W730-CN] 22MM Carbon Street Handlebar   
Pattern Carbon
Price USD $99 USD 124.98 USD 124.98

Application chart :
1. Handlebar is made of high carbon steel with 6K pure carbon fiber.

2. Clear coated for exterior protection against all weather conditions.

3. 22mm diameter handlebar weighs 490 grams, 91mm height, 730mm wide.

4. The designated angle is tested to allow riders to turn easier and substantially improves the riding posture from the oem handlebars.

NOTE: Please check and confirm with the product specifications before placing an order. This item is not returnable after purchasing.

Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH. is a company founded by rider for riders. We are dedicated in protecting your bike, and in return save you from outrageous repairs. 
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